Thursday, August 28, 2008

Strategies for Saving Money on Personal Printing Needs

I started this blog because I do a lot of printing at home and run through a lot of ink. I have also run through a lot of printers. As I sit here I have 2 broken Lexmark All in one inkjet printers with left over ink cartridges ( I bought multiple packs for the savings). I guess the printheads just went bad or something. I am not sure. With the cheap cost of printers it's not worth trying to fix.

Inkjet printers are cheap, but they get you with the cartridge replacements. I also have 2 HP Photomsmart printers. I picked these up at Office Max with an online coupon special. Shipped they came to under 80 bucks each, But of course when I needed to replace the cartridges, it was over $60. I am pretty happy with the printers. I print out a lot of photos and enjoy the convenience. A lot of people suggest to just do the printouts in the stores that offer it. Well, I have donethis and seen the printers. For one thing a lot of these places use printers that really aren't THAT great. And sometimes the photos aren't the best. In a way if I wanted to do that I would just use a film camera and get it developed at a real photo lab. I like using digital for the DIY at home factor.

Another solution worth considering is laser printers. One probably with this is I use a lot of color ink. The cost of color laser printers is much higher and probably not meant for what I want to do. I might buy a b/w laser printer just for printing shipping labels and things that are black and white and stick with my HP photo printer for pics. I will explore getting deals through multipacks, special store coupons and savings, eBay, and/or "refill" services.

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